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The Pili Nut nut.jpg

Tropical Pili trees are rooted deeply in rich, volcanic soil. Blasted by 3 meters of rain and 20 major typhoons a year, these are nuts from extreme nature.

The sturdy trees of the Philippine Rain Forest produce the most delicate, buttery, healthy nut imaginable: the Volcanic Pili Nut .

You’ll find high levels of heart healthy omegas, all 8 essential amino acids and a treasure chest of bio-available minerals. At 299mg per 100g, it has the highest magnesium content of any nut on earth, and more vitamin E than all other known nuts.

SJLuxury Organics

Living Energy Volcanic Pili Nuts

Benefits nut.jpg

  • Slo-Dried*
  • High levels of heart healthy omegas
  • A treasure chest of bio-available minerals
  • Heart healthy magnesium
  • More vitamin E than all other nuts
  • A deeply nourishing beauty nut
  • An opulent salad nut - it tastes buttery
  • Dances well with champagne and caviar

*Our Slo-Dried technique is a proprietary process, developed by tweaking our drying technique to produce a wonderful taste experience achieved by sealing the nut essence and freshness within.

Our Organic Volcanic Pili Nuts™ contain: No preservatives, no added oils.

SJLuxury Organics

What they're saying about us nut.jpg

"Tried your Cocoa Pili Nuts. A nut that melts in your mouth, how is that possible, they are divine, Well done!

~Indra Clementson, UK trained lawyer & beautiful mother of 3, November 2013

"Very delicate, very soft, and oh so creamy!"
~Jeanne Lim, Amazon.com customer, Singapore, October 2012

"I wanted all my friends and family to also try how amazing they were before I ate them all!!"
~Shay Maria, Model & Hip-hop dancer, LA, USA, March 2013

"The Pili is by far the best tasting nut ever."
~ Michael Gearson, Atlantic Hawkes owner, USA, January 2013

"Well, we've tried all the products, and they're fantastic! We'd love to carry your full range. I am SO excited about everything we've tried! The pili nuts were especially mindblowing. The texture is sublime, and unlike anything I've ever had. Pilis without skins are a pretty miraculous thing. Any and all information that you have on the nutritional benefits of pilis will be great."
~Hilary Bromberg, Founder and CEO of Barefoot Provisions, USA, October 2014

"These nuts are insane. Best food ever."
~Sarma Melngailis, Founder of New York's "Pure Food and Wine" Restaurant and "OneLuckyDuck, USA, October 2014

"Gentlemen, after trying your pili nuts this morning, I have a question: How on Earth do you limit yourselves to half a can each day?! If owned your nuttery (nut factory?) I'd go nuts..."
~Niale McLoughlin, Director - Learning & Advancement, Wynn Macau, Macau, October 2014

"My friend, who is an ex Australian football star tried your Pili nuts.... he said.... "The best nuts EVER." Lucky for him i shared:-)"
~Anna Suvorova, Founder of Rawisreal, Yoga Teacher/Raw Chocolatier, October 2014

"A pili addict

Is it normal for a 1.5 year old to eat a whole pack of pili nuts? He is mad about them...:-)"
~ Karin G. Reiter, Medical Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, October 2014

I woke up early this morning in the new Hilton Hotel in Dalian (one of the cities I love the most) and went down for breakfast. Due to the absence of my usual companion (The China Daily arrives in Dalian only in the afternoon), I looked around and picked up the Wine & Dine-The Art of Good Living...enjoying my coffee while turning the pages...suddenly I see the Free-Guilt Snacks-The Pili Nuts...you made me smile at 6:15 in the morning...when I reached the last line...'It is certain that once these nuts get popped, they can't be stopped!' you made me laugh... That's how I started my day today... I am proud to be 'part' of such project... "
~ David Zadok, HKK Kosher Service, Hong Kong, October 2014

SJLuxury Organics

See what Shaun Parkes has to say about the Pili Nut nut.jpg

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